26 June, 2020

World take your dog to work day

In 1995 a “Take Your Dog To Work Day” was established to encourage employees to work alongside their four legged friends.

Several studies have been undertaken on the impact of pets in the workplace and it emerged, as well as keeping spirits high, that they lead to reduced stress and increased company loyalty.

Guilty feelings about leaving pets alone at home are forgotten, creating an improved sense of well being for pet owners and their colleagues.

Dogs at work: the law

Having seen the benefits, it is also important to understand that there is a code of conduct that must be respected when dogs are in an office.

Each business can create its own code, according to its environment, but there are general rules that apply to all spaces.

For instance, animals are not allowed at meetings, or be in any sanded sport areas or areas where staff have their breaks or meals.

Furthermore the owners must insure their dogs don’t disturb other employees at work.

Dogs and cats are not permitted to wander freely around the office, especially in areas where good hygiene is important.

Animals introduced into an office must be up-to-date with all the required vaccinations and the owners must provide water and food so that they do not suffer in an enclosed environment.

Some curiosities about Italian companies where it is possible to bring the dog to the office

At Nintendo Italia, based in Vimercate, they launched the so-called “Pet Fridays”, that is, Fridays open to dogs where all employees can bring their pets to work.

Purina, a pet food company, has for several years operated @Petswork – an initiative to promote pet-people relationship in the workplace. They have also created a dedicated area for their four legged guests.

The Biss Group has also embraced this idea by allowing their employees to take their pets to work once a month.

Our friend MIA has taken this initiative very seriously, making it her duty to manage the business at least once a month.