24 July, 2020

Let’s play golf!

We have always supported the importance of internal team cohesion.

We try to find the best way to stimulate our employees and help them discover and use their best qualities to find satisfaction in their job.

It’s common knowledge that high job satisfaction leads to higher efficiency.

This continuing search for unity and synergy is mirrored through team building events and initiatives.

The team building component is essential and perhaps, the real focus of the evening.

For once at these evenings, colleagues can spontaneously mingle, get to know each other better, and revealing their sincere nature without the filter of roles or job labels.

A close-knit team is functional, efficient and performant.

This year we have chosen the GOLF CLUB.

Golf is an outdoor sport and, at this particular point in time, we know how important it is.

It was a glorious day with the silence only broken by the laughter, of inexperience.  Socialising with the more experienced golfers also helped to make the approaches to the green more fun.

“ What does it take? Just hit the ball…” Golf is considered the second most difficult sport in the world. The sport is first played inside the golfers head who, consciously or not, mentally creates “short films” of the different strokes to be taken to arrive at the green.

Managing the imaginative work of our brains improves our performances and applies to all our activities, especially at work!

We must be cognisant of the context in which we  operate, being prepared and recognising the influence the weather, the condition of the grounds, the strength of the wind, and our physical and mental state, will have

Not only that.  The unnatural movement uses all the muscles of our bodies and requires high strength and intense concentration  at all times.

After an hour and half of training, the biggest satisfaction was hearing the cheers every time a new player managed a good stroke, once again team support strikes!

Obviously we also had a nice aperitif and a wonderful dinner to say goodbye before the summer holidays….we shall see you all back in September for more exciting news.