5 June, 2020

Green ideas for a sustainable office

Sustainable or eco-friendly is a set of conducts to safeguard our people and environment.

To be sustainable is a necessary condition for our future, our DUTY towards future generations.

From choosing sustainable products showing environmental awareness is becoming more important in all sectors: from automotive to interiors, from schools to offices, from high fashion to jewellery. The choice of recyclable and easy to dispose materials has increased.

For instance recycled plastic is becoming an interesting “commodity”, more and more new fibres from what we would regard as waste are being created. They are also becoming part of famous jewellery brands who enrich their products with precious metals and stones. Interior designers are choosing recycled materials to create unique furniture for our homes, from cardboard bookshelves to platforms and bottle end coffee tables.

We all would like to live more sustainably making eco-friendly choices.

We must remind ourselves that everything starts from small things, our everyday habits become our way of acting and thinking.

As a company, we have often asked ourselves what we could do to make our offices more sustainable and ecological. And so, at the beginning of the year, we chose to make the following changes:

  • We chose to use innovative technologies, sparing an 84% energy save
  • We all remember to turn off lights and all electronic equipment when not in use
  • We print only when it’s absolutely necessary, using front and back printing, saving paper quantity and cost
  • We prefer thermos flasks to plastic bottles and cups
  • We use ecological detergents, that have the same quality of traditional ones without using toxic substances that may damage us or/and the environment (often bicarbonate and vinegar are best)
  • Most of all, we are strongly committed to recycling correctly all our waste, guaranteeing a new life for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.
  • And every time our designers are at work, they favour recycled or recyclable materials before others!

Creating a sustainable business is less complicated than what it may appear.

Just a few clear changes and how to apply them is all that is needed.