12 October, 2020

Come on guys!

..they were in front of us and we were wondering what could we do for them, we didn’t know, but we met their story and they met ours.

Since then we’ve decided to go down this path together, because as Ale says, “ nice people have a magnet!”.

Sport is in their blood, helping others is in their soul, and kids at heart.

They started off from scratch and have given up comfortable lives to do something that brings them satisfaction every day.

It’s a difficult sport that isn’t promoted commercially at home and, kids won’t find this sport in their cartoons, and yet it’s a fantastic sport, bringing together three disciplines in one: it’s TRIATHLON!

Look it up! You’ll find it on the web, on social media, on sport magazines and newspapers. It’s worth it because this is an area where sport is still healthy, youngsters can learn positive values, and learn to love fatigue because it’s the first step to resistance, and those who resist can face anything…and they learn to do it with a smile!

We love you guys!